2023 Private Lessons

2023 Private Lessons

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Private lessons are for anyone in the lash industry wanting to take their lash game to the next level! This is a 1:1, focused all on you, this is YOUR day! We can tailor this class to your exact needs!

Topics we can cover:

-Flower Bouquet Technique





-Instagram Tips

-Making Reels

-Product Knowledge

-Back of house business

What's included?

-Practice Kit


-Certificate of Training

What to bring?

Bring a positive attitude! Be open and willing to learn a new skillset!


Models are optional. We know most students come in from out of state and the difficulties that presents when trying to bring or find a model. If you really want a model, please email info@lashguypro.com and let us know so we can try to book someone for you. However, we cannot guarantee you a model.

Experience Level:

If you are brand new to the lash industry I suggest booking one of our 2-Day Intensive Classics Fundamentals where you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get started as a successful lash artist. 


The address:

13091 Pond Springs Rd

Suite 208

Austin, TX 78729

If you have any questions email info@lashguypro.com OR check out the FAQ highlight on the @lashguypro Instagram page.

Thank you for booking! See you in class!


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