Our Newest Pro Tweezer Set Is Here!

The newest addition to our tweezer family is the Heart of Gold Pro Tweezer Set! These fabulous satin gold finished tweezers are the height of luxury and precision. Specially designed to make your lash life easier, help with perfect isolation, and make the notoriously tricky Flower Bouquet Technique a BREEZE! 

When I first designed these and got to test the sample I was blown away by how the Mega Volume Tweezer preformed. I literally ran around the studio asking other stylists to try it out to make sure I wasn't crazy! Sure enough, everyone who tried it was able to produce beautiful mega volume fans in an instant! 

Usually if I ever forget my tweezers at home and have to reach for a new set for that first morning client, there's a bit of a panic, and then a learning curve with the new tweezer that involves some frustration and the pondering of my life decisions up to that point. But with this new Pro Level Mega Volume Tweezer there's no frustration. I've been able to pick up just about any one of these instruments and preform beautifully with it. 

I'm so excited to finally be bringing these to the lash industry!

I know you're going to love them as much as I do!