Founded in 2018, LashGuyPro continues to elevate the lash industry through professional education for the beginner, intermediate, and the pro. Our goal is to prepare you to be a top earner in the industry by not only teaching you new, innovative ways of lashing, but to prepare you for small business ownership.

The LashGuyPro line of professional lash extension products were masterfully designed with you in mind to make your life easier and more beautiful. We want you to love our products so much that you keep them on display in your salon as a part of your decor!

At LashGuyPro headquarters in Austin, TX where we take clients, our stylists boast the best retention in town. Each stylist has extensive training on how to customize a style for each client with natural lash health in mind.

About Chris

Chris Carr is the creator and president of LashGuyPro.

He started his lash career in 2017 after graduating esthetician training from Ogle School of Hair, Skin, & Nails in Denton, TX. While there, he was the class president and the first male to attend their esthetician program. 

Chris lives in Austin, TX with his partner Chase and their two goldendoodles. They are avid travelers, hikers, campers, and scuba divers.